Daylight saving: How more natural light affects baby’s sleep

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The following article has been written for ergoPouch by certified paediatric sleep consultant Chantelle Angel. 

We’re shortly coming up to the start of Daylight Saving, normally something we all look forward to! This is typically when the sun returns and the mood perks up.

However, as an infant sleep consultant I often receive questions from anxious parents about how this may impact their child’s sleep. The clock-change can definitely be unsettling to a young baby, especially for one that is in a great routine.

An even bigger concern that can cause sleep problems is the return of natural light and the proven effects this has on one’s innate sleep cycle. Let me explain:

Exposure to natural light tells our body that it’s time to be awake. It’s the same reason why many professionals advise adults to limit how much exposure they have to electronic screens / blue light in the evenings – this can replicate that effect and cause us to have difficulties getting to sleep quickly. Hence, it also follows that the lack of light is the body’s signal that it’s sleep-time, and this is especially important for younger children.

Tip: Help improve baby’s sleep during daylight saving by managing light

When consulting with my clients, a very common issue I’ve seen is the lack of complete darkness in their child’s room. When a parent complains to me that their child is waking up early in the morning, usually between 5-6am, in many cases it’s due to this problem. This is why, when starting any sleep training plan, I make a point to have the parents check the brightness of the baby's room during the daytime. More often than not, they’re surprised at how ineffective their existing blinds/curtains are!

ergoPouch Window Blockout blinds are designed to block out all external light, which makes it so much easier for children to stay asleep - especially as they will be naturally dipping in and out of sleep cycles during the night.


 ergoPouch Window Blockout 2 pack  ergoPouch Window Blockout 2 pack


By keeping baby's room completely dark, it mimics the natural sleep environment and ensures they feel more relaxed and at ease through the time change, hence helping them get back to sleep if they prematurely wake up. This is especially useful to consider as we get closer to the Spring, both for the night sleep as well as their daytime naps.


Benefits of the ergoPouch Window Blockout Benefits of the ergoPouch Window Blockout


For more tips about how to help improve sleep problems in babies during daylight saving, read what works for ergoPouch mums on our team: How to ease into daylight saving with a baby or toddler.


About the Author

Chantelle Angel started working within the child development sector over 10 years ago. She is a qualified AMI Montessori Directress, who has obtained OCN-certified qualifications in: "Sleep in Children and Sleep Training", "Reflux, CMA, and Early Food Allergies", and "Breastfeeding". 



If you’re looking for further advice or have any other sleep concerns, head to Chantelle’s website,, to book a free consultation.


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