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Sleep in the first five years is challenging. There are good nights and bad nights. As parents ourselves, we’ve walked this path and are still deeply immersed in it (thank goodness for caffeine). But guess what — it’s OK and normal if your baby isn’t a perfect sleeper. Those little humans are miraculously growing, developing and learning at an incredible rate. All this growth is bound to interrupt their sleep in ways that are sometimes predictable, sometimes not.

However, knowing that doesn’t make it easier to get through. And with so much information and well-meaning advice out there, it’s VERY easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of sleep do’s and don’ts.

Guys, we’re here to help. We’ve partnered with industry-leading sleep consultants, Safe Sleep Space, to bring you a series of step-by-step sleep guides. Each of the five guides is designed to give you workable strategies and tools to safely navigate your way through changing sleep needs and routines in the first five years. Underpinned by research and the belief that every child and parent is unique in their situation, the guides provide a gentle, response-based approach to create an emotional and physical safe sleep space.

Newborn (0–4 Months)

Baby, sleep & the fourth trimester

Welcome to the world, little one! In this guide we explore safe sleeping and sleep cycles for a newborn. Discover the importance of infant mental health, how much sleep is appropriate for this stage, identifying tired signs and cries, and how to overcome common challenges. Learn about the startle reflex, and get prepared for the rolling milestone. Jump into those precious newborn days empowered and ready — you’ve got this!

Newborn (0–4 Months)

Essentials for newborn

Everything your newborn needs to stay warm and safe through sleep.

Ergopouch x Safe Sleep Space

A match made in sleepy heaven

Early infancy (4–8 Months)

Your growing baby — practical ways to support sleep

You’ve heard that mystical phase “my baby slept through the night” uttered reverently amongst your mothers group, and can’t figure out why a) you’re not part of the club or b) your baby pulled a 180 and is back to waking regularly. Let us introduce our handy sleep guide to see you through early infancy (spoiler alert: not sleeping through the night, every night is normal). In this guide we offer a step-by-step process covering the lengthening sleep cycle of an infant, tired signs and sleep associations for this stage, normalising sleep, predictable patterning and getting prepared with the right sleep attire. You’ll be president of the sleep club in no time.


Early infancy (4–8 Months)
Later infancy (8–12 Months)

Sleep, baby, sleep…establishing healthy sleep patterns

Your sweet babe is quickly approaching toddlerhood. The days are full of new skills, transitions, and curiosities and sleep is in the danger-zone. Our no-nonsense guide to late infancy will help you transition your mini to two sleeps a day, establish healthy sleep habits for this stage, while it also covers dream feeds, separation anxiety and transition objects, and helps you prepare a safe sleep environment and attire for your little adventurer.

Later infancy (8–12 Months)

Essentials for infant

Round out your infants sleep wardrobe with this collection of cosy favourites.
About Safe Sleep Space

Sleep disturbances in babies, toddlers and children can be a result of many factors. Whatever the cause, the effect on both child and family can be enormous!

The Safe Sleep Space approach has been sought after by thousands of families and is used by professionals around the world. Our techniques are underpinned by research and an understanding that every baby, child and family is unique.

With an emphasis on a child’s healthy social and emotional development, our approach helps you reach sustainable change in a loving and informed way.

Our sleep consultants are qualified, experienced health professionals and parents. With patience and their support, your baby or toddler will develop healthy sleep habits and the ability to sleep more soundly.

Join our Safe Sleep Space Community on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the latest news/blog posts and tips to help you with your child’s sleep or download our App Rockabub with step by step guide to settling your baby and child.

About Safe Sleep Space
Toddler (12–24 Months)

The emerging toddler and the importance of sleep

Hello, toddler! The tornado you didn’t see coming is here, supercharged with love, giggles, tantrums and energy (so. much. energy!) We’ve got your back with our toddler sleep guide. Covering everything from the changing toddler sleep cycle and its effects on naps and behaviour through to overnight waking. Join us as we explore causes of toddler sleep disturbances, how to stop overnight bottles, impact of screens on melatonin and sleep, predictable bedtime routines, early morning waking and dropping down to 1 nap a day.

Toddler (12–24 Months)

Essentials for toddler

Help your toddler create positive sleep associations so they learn to love sleep.
Preschooler (2–5 Years)

Predictability and consistency is the key: Do I really need a sleep?

‘Safety’ is the word of the day as we transition out of the cot and encounter new, but normal, challenges with overnight waking and boundary-testing. Your growing child may start having nightmares and night terrors, a normal but tricky developmental milestone. Our sleep guide for the preschool years will help you understand the changing sleep cycle, the importance of rest, the role of childcare in sleep routines, managing night terrors, and how to safely transition into a big bed. We arm you with tools such as mindfulness, role play and consistency to help you through this stage. You’re sooooo close to a more predictable sleep routine with your child, hang in there. Sleep is just around the corner!

Preschooler (2–5 Years)

Essentials for preschooler

Encourage agency and self-sufficiency, whilst also keeping your big kid safe.
Empowering parents to make safe-sleep decisions

Our TOG-ratings mean our products keep a baby or child comfortable and warm for sleep in all temperatures from 14°C – 26°C +, without the need for blankets.

All pouches contain a FREE room thermometer, and What to Wear guide, which together work to provide safe sleep guidance and are proven to be a literal lifesaver for new parents!

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Empowering parents to make safe-sleep decisions
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