How long can I use the Baby Tuck Sheet for?

The Baby Tuck Sheet is designed for newborns who are not yet rolling. Discontinue use once your baby shows signs of rolling for their safety.

How do I know which TOG side I should have on my child?

Use the 1.0 TOG side if your baby has strong startle reflex and needs a firmer fit, or the 0.2 TOG side for a lighter weight and stretchier fit. Included in the packaging is a Room Thermometer & Baby Tuck Sheet Dressing Guide, to help you figure out how to layer your baby underneath your chosen Tuck Sheet TOG.

Can I put extra blankets on top of the Tuck Sheet?

We advise not to add any additional loose bedding into your baby's sleep environment. The Baby Tuck Sheet is designed to be used for comfort and security. If you are looking to add warmth to your child for sleep, we suggest increasing the TOG rating of their swaddle and under layers. Please refer to our Room Thermometer and Baby Tuck Sheet Dressing Guide for how to dress your baby warmly for sleep.

Will the Baby Tuck Sheet fit a round bassinet mattress?

The Baby Tuck Sheet will fit an oval and rectangular mattress, but not a round mattress.

I've been told not to have ANY bedding in the cot or bassinet at all; how can the Baby Tuck Sheet be safe for sleep?

The Baby Tuck Sheet is a firm-fitting mattress sleeve, designed to fall flat against the bed if a baby wriggles their way up and out of the sheet. It is not classed as loose bedding. When used for the right age baby (newborn, not yet rolling), the design makes it extremely difficult for the baby to pull the product towards their face, or manouever their body underneath it.

Did the Baby Tuck Sheet undergo any trials or testing?

The Baby Tuck Sheet has been tested both with real ergoPouch customers and leading independent safety organisation INPAA. Samples of the Tuck Sheet were provided to 20 customers to test with their child, ranging in ages from 8 weeks to 6 months old, and on a mixture of bassinet and cot mattress sizes. The participants used the product over a period of several days and nights. Most parents (90%) appreciated the settling nature of the Tuck Sheet, claiming it helped their baby settle faster and sleep longer. For parents of babies who were more active in their cot, they found that if their child wriggled out of it, the Tuck Sheet would fall flat against the bed and not pose a suffocation risk. Parents agreed that the Tuck Sheet is most beneficial and safest at the newborn phase, before baby starts rolling and moving. Parents also gave the product a wash test to ensure this didn't impact safety and functionality. In addition to our parent trials, leading Australian infant safety organisation INPAA reviewed samples of the product. The product was tested across different sized cot and bassinet mattresses,and given a wash test. While there are no offical safety standards in Australia applicable for a product like this, INPAA gave an approval for the product against their own safety standards and guidelines for packaging content, warnings, and messaging to educate the customer.

Does the Baby Tuck Sheet fit a Snoo?

Customers with Snoo's have told us the Tuck Sheet fits the Snoo mattress. If you are planning to use with your Snoo, please follow our Fit Guide to ensure your baby is positioned safely and correctly in the bassinet (feet touching end of bassinet); and under the tuck sheet (tuck sheet should not come up further than mid-chest on baby). As always, discontinue use once your baby shows signs of rolling.

If I have a large bassinet mattress such as the Boori Bassinet, should I buy a bassinet or cot size?

As the product is stretchy, we advise to go with the bassinet size. A tuck sheet that is loose and too large on the mattress will not be safe for your baby.