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Introducing the award-winning Sleep Suit Bag by ergoPouch.

ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag in three TOG ratings: 0.3 TOG, 1.0 TOG and 3.5 TOG

The Sleep Suit Bag is a Sleeping Bag that can convert into a Sleep Suit with legs using zips (and back again). Wondering whether the Sleep Suit Bag is right for your child? Here we explain the features and benefits for why the Sleep Suit Bag is Australia’s most popular and loved sleeping bag product for your child and offer some tips and tricks on how to best use the product to get more sleep.

Sleep Suit Bag at a glance 

ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag product details and benefits

Who is it for?

The Sleep Suit Bag can be used from age 3 months, once your little one is rolling and has converted from swaddling to arms-out sleeping. It comes in five sizes:

  • 3-12 months. We recommend the ‘bag’ configuration for this age group;
  • 8-24 months. We recommend converting the bag into a ‘suit’ around 12-15 months of age when your little one will start to walk;
  • 2-4 years. We recommend only using the ‘suit’ configuration for this age, to prevent injury in the event of cot climbing, or leaving the bed during the night; and
  • 4-6 years. We recommend only using the ‘suit’ configuration for this age, to prevent injury in the event of cot climbing, or leaving the bed during the night.
  • 6-8 years. We recommend it for sleepovers, camping and lounging—best worn in suit mode.


Convert from Sleeping Bag to Sleep Suit

We designed the Sleep Suit Bag to tackle two particularly tricky sleep phases in your child’s sleep journey; walking and travelling. When a baby reaches toddlerhood and begins to walk, this exciting milestone can often be accompanied by sleep disruptions. A walking toddler who has newfound leg freedom may no longer want to be confined by a sleeping bag, resulting in refusal to settle to sleep, or removing the sleeping bag altogether!

The Sleep Suit Bag helps to overcome this by transitioning from a bag to a suit with legs. In the ‘legs’ configuration, your little mover will be able to have more leg freedom for sleep karate.

‘Legs’ mode also has the following benefits:

  • Gives more stability to your child’s landing in the event they manage to climb over the cot, making it safer than a traditional sleeping bag; and 
  • Allows older children to walk freely during the night if they wake up and seek you out.

In both the Bag and Suit configuration, the Sleep Suit Bag is approved as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

How to convert the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag from Sleeping Bag to Sleep Suit


Use in a 5-point Harness

In ‘legs’ mode, the Sleep Suit Bag can be used in a 5 point harness such as a pram, carrier or car seat* making it perfect for travelling.

As the product will act as a sleep cue for your child, if you are planning to sleep them on the go in a pram or car seat, the product will make this easy for you to settle your little one and give them the signal that its time for sleep.

  • Transition the product from Bag to Suit using the zippers;
  • Put your child into the Suit before putting them in a pram or car seat at their designated nap time;
  • Layer underneath as appropriate to the temperature/weather; and 
  • Remove the Suit from them once they’re awake.


Examples of how the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag can be worn in Suit/legs mode and used safely in a pram and carrier

*We recommend that only the 0.3 TOG and 1.0 TOG products are used in a car seat, with thin layers underneath. The 2.5 TOG and 3.5 TOG Sleep Suit Bags are padded and therefore not recommended to use in a car seat for safety reasons.

How to use the Sleep Suit Bag

The Sleep Suit bag is a Sleeping Bag and Sleep Suit in one! With the use of some clever zips, you can transform between a Sleeping Bag and a Sleep Suit with legs. Read our How to Use Page to explain the features of Australia’s most popular and loved sleeping bag product for your child, and offer some tips and tricks on how to best use the product to get more sleep.


TOG-rated for warmth and safety no matter the season

The Sleep Suit Bag comes in four TOG ratings. A TOG is a unit of thermal measurement for sleepwear and bedding. Put simply, the lower the TOG, the lighter the fabric and more suitable it is for hot weather.

With TOG-rated sleeping bags, you don’t need any additional blankets in your child’s bassinet or cot, making it safer for sleep. Using the right TOG for the weather will help your child regulate their temperature and prevent waking from being too hot, sweaty or cold.

The Sleep Suit Bag is available in the following TOGs:

ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag comes in four TOGs: sleeveless 0.3 TOG, short sleeve 1.0 TOG, 2.5 TOG with sleeves and 3.5 TOG with sleeves

Follow our Temperature and What to Wear Guide to help you choose the right one for your child whatever the season. 

The 2.5 TOG and 3.5 TOG Sleep Suit Bags come with long sleeve arms in a 1.0 TOG organic stretch jersey cotton material, for extra warmth during colder nights.

Organic, ergonomic materials and design for comfort

The Sleep Suit Bag is made from GOTS-certified Organic Cotton, in a luxe 400 thread count. The ‘sheeting’ material has the same feel as the sheets you use on your bed. Organic cotton is breathable and helps your child maintain an even temperature whilst sleeping, and prevents overheating, which can lead to SIDS.

All Sleep Suit Bags have side panels made from organic stretch-jersey fabric for additional movement and comfort in sleep. This helps prevent the sleeping bag from getting twisted around the body. Our winter TOGs (2.5 TOG and 3.5 TOG) are filled with unbleached organic cotton padding and have sleeves in a 1.0 TOG organic jersey material for warmth.

All ergoPouch pouches are double-stitched and dyed with a non-toxic water-based dye, and certified to be free from formaldehyde, phthalates and lead.

The Sleep Suit Bag is a skin-friendly product as reviewed by the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA).

Learn more about our sustainable sleepwear.

Handy features for tackling nighttime situations

Being woken in the night can make the perkiest parents zombie-like when it comes to helping your child through their sleep development milestones. The Sleep Suit Bag is uniquely designed to tackle common sleep disruptors, to make it simpler and faster for parents to settle their child back to sleep after a night waking.

Toddlers standing and walking in ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bags


  • Nappy Changes
    Undo the lower zip portion of the bag or suit, and roll it up to change a nappy overnight. Your child can keep the upper half of the Sleep Suit Bag on their body, keeping them warm during the nappy change.

  • Big Beds and Sleep Walking
    Once your child is ready to graduate to a big bed but not ready to pull up blankets, the Sleep Suit Bag in ‘legs’ mode will keep them warm without restricting their movements at night, should they get out of the bed. 

  • Overnight Toilet Training
    If you have a toddler or pre-schooler who has graduated from night nappies but still needs to use the toilet during the night when in ‘legs’ mode the Sleep Suit Bag can be used the following way with the help of an adult:

    • Undoing the lower portion

      1. Undo the inner leg zips ¾ of the way down, enough to get your child’s legs out. Do not undo all the way to the bottom;
      2. Take child’s legs out and roll the excess fabric up the body;
      3. Seat your child on the toilet; and 
      4. Put legs back in and zip up when done.
    • Undoing the upper portion
      For the older boys, if the Sleep Suit Bag has enough room, the lower zip of the upper portion can be moved upwards to create an opening, for them to do their business standing.

      We suggest wearing two-piece pyjamas underneath.

Preventing kids from removing their Sleeping Bag

Those independent, fierce toddlers do not just discover their legs and walking once they reach toddlerhood, but their fine motor skill development often results in the discovery of zips and buttons on their Sleeping Bag. It is not uncommon for a toddler to remove their Sleeping Bag once you put them down for sleep. To prevent your toddler from removing their Sleep Suit Bag, try these tricks:

  • Use the product in ‘legs’ mode
    If you have the product still in the ‘bag’ mode, it may be that your wriggly toddler needs their leg freedom to be comfy in sleep. Go ahead and try out the ‘legs’ mode to see if it makes a difference.
  • Change the TOG
    In some cases, your toddler may feel too hot and be removing it for comfort. If this is the case, check the room temperature and what TOG you are using. Go to a lighter TOG if needed.
  • Ensure the Zip Cover is done up
    The Zip Cover is a little fabric flap with a press-stud dome, that goes over the zip guard to prevent curious fingers from accessing and undoing the zip. Ensure this is done up when you put them down for their sleep.
  • Wearing backwards or inside out
    If your wiley toddler has figured out the zip cover and nothing can stop them unzipping and removing their Sleep Suit Bag, try putting the product on them backwards, or inside out.
  • Try a different colour or print
    We often get told by parents that their child prefers a particular colour or print in our range. Our Sleep Suit Bags come in a range of prints for each season. Wearing their favourite colour may help your head-strong toddler or pre-schooler settle in for sleep more easily.

Which ergoPouch product is right for my child?

As your child grows and develops, so too does their style of sleeping. ergoPouch products are designed towards the age, developmental milestone and physiology of children aged newborn – 6 years old, and the different sleep needs and challenges your child will have during this timeline.

We can suggest an ergoPouch product for every milestone in the first six years and beyond. Use our handy Milestones Chart below to help you decide which products are best for your child at their current age throughout all seasons. The green flag icons indicate a typical journey through the range based on standard developmental milestones. 

ergoPouch product guide by developmental milestone


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