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Did you know all the ways ergoPouch packaging can be recycled?

We're continually looking for ways to make our footprint lighter and our journey cleaner, so that your children's children get to enjoy ergoPouch in their generation.

We invite you to join us with five simple ways to recycle and reuse ergoPouch packaging. Why not get the kids involved for some fun activities and education around caring for our planet!


Cardboard Packaging

You can reuse the white side of the cardboard for arts and crafts projects, or choose to recycle these items in your home council recycling bin. Before you place it in the recycle bin, be sure to:

  • Cut off the Velcro for other projects (see below)
  • Remove and save the ribbon (see below)


Plastic Hangers

You can reuse the hangers at home, or choose to recycle these items in your home council recycling bin.


Mailing Satchel Bag

If you’ve purchased online, you can reuse your mailing bag for future returns of online shopping (turned inside out), or recycle it at your local REDcycle Collection Bin (link to:



Our pouches are held in place in their packaging with a fabric ribbon in a neutral colour. Don’t throw these beauties away! Some ideas for upcycling the ribbon include:

  • Use as a ribbon when wrapping your next gift. Pop a flower or leaf posy into the knot for an inexpensive and cute presentation.
  • Use in arts and crafts with your child Donate to a local kindergarten or preschool for arts and crafts activities
  • Use as practice for learning to tie shoelaces and knots with your pre-schooler
  • Use as threading fine-motor practice for a toddler



You can cut the Velcro closure off our packaging and use it for activities at home with your kids. Some fun ideas from our team include:

  • Use as paint stamps to make interesting patterns
  • Help your toddler practice opening/closing the Velcro for fine motor skill development
  • Re-stick to surfaces where you want to hold things together in an arts and craft activity



A literal life-saver for parents, our Room Thermometer and What to Wear Guide can be kept in any space your baby sleeps so its always on hand. If you’ve got a lot of these already, consider:

  • Gifting one to a friend or family member expecting a child
  • Stashing one (or more) in your suitcase, so you have one handy next time you travel
  • Make sure family members or regular carers have a copy at their house
  • Keep one in the nappy bag for those impromptu naps at a friend’s house that you hadn’t planned for

If you’ve reallllly reached your limit, you can also send them back to us for recycling, or pop it into your home recycling bin.

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