At this time of year we receive a lot of enquiries about how best to care for our warmer weight ergoPouch Sleeping Bags and SleepSuits.

Our Winter Bags and Suits are available in either 2.5 tog or 3.5 tog and are filled with either 100% Cotton or 100% Organic Cotton.  The outer covering is made with Organic Cotton sheeting and the stretchy panels are also made with Organic Cotton with a touch of elastane for stretch.

We choose cotton as it is great at regulating temperature - it breathes easily and is good at conducting heat - keeping you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.  It also has a high absorbency rate and can hold up to 27 times its own weight in water!

So, how should your ergoPouch be washed and dried?

High temperatures are the enemy. The cotton content of your ergoPouch means that high temperatures either in the washer or dryer should definitely be avoided as they can cause shrinkage which will affect the size and fit.

Both your ergoPouch and the environment will thank you for using a cooler cycle in the wash. However, because of the high absorbency rate of cotton, it is worth ensuring you spin it well to remove as much excess moisture as possible. This will help speed up the drying process.

You can then choose to air dry, tumble dry or use a combination.  Our favourite method is to use a combination - air dry until your ergoPouch is damp, then finish it off in a dryer set to a low temperature. The benefit of using the dryer is that it is great at fluffing up the cotton filling - similar to the effect you see with cotton towels that are tumble dried rather than line dried.

If you haven’t got a tumble dryer, you can of course air dry completely.  This is best done on a flat surface, rather than hanging, as this will help to keep the filling evenly distributed. We find the best way is to spread it over a clothes horse strategically placed over your heating floor vent!