We sometimes get asked, "Why is cotton filling such a big deal?". The real answer is. . . .more SLEEEEEP! Babies sleep better in natural fibres, for the simple reason that their temperature doesn't jump around during the night and wake them up - even when there are changes in temperature around them. So, if it's a cold night they will stay snug and warm, and if it's a hot night, natural fibres in bedding and clothing will help keep them cool and comfortable. The result is more sleep for baby, and more sleep for you.

Most baby sleeping bags on the market are filled with Polyester or other synthetic materials, so it's fair to ask why ours are different. We only choose natural fibres because they are so good at keeping the body at an even temperature. Unlike synthetics fabrics, natural fibres 'breathe' - and it doesn't get more natural than that. Synthetic fibres, such as polyester trap heat as they don't breathe nearly as well - result being an overheated sweaty baby who will then cool down quickly as the moisture continues to sit next to the skin. These temperature fluctuations are uncomfortable and often wake a sleeping bub.

Natural fibres are also skin-friendly - they are unlikely to irritate a baby's delicate skin and are also good for babies with allergies and skin conditions such as eczema.